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Direct pressure blasting

Our modular construction kit system provides blasting machinery for every customer requirement.

Extremely cost effective variants of blasting machinery with low average utilization rates build the starting point of our performance portfolio.

Blasting machines for more blasters and/or big workloads used in three-shift operation being equipped with switchable abrasive flow circuit for ferrous and non-ferrous workpiece application are covered by our proven standard technology.

In any case, our customer can choose from different technology levels the one that provides the best relation between investment, running cost as well as
operational reliability.

Wheel blast machines

In order being able to provide in any case the optimum solution, we offer, besides our „in-house“ designed machines, products of a renowned European manufacturer as well.

Especially engineering intensive custom-built machines are produced in our workshop in Enzenreith. Particular highlights are installations for peening, blasting of rotation symmetric parts as well as machines for the stone industry.

The machines of the Italian manufacturer C.M.-Surface Technology from Modena are widely spread in the dye casting-, rubber and glass industry.

Further strengths of C.M. are custom-built blast machine concepts including automatic manipulation of mass products.