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Mobile suction & recycling

Our mobile suction- and recycling units fulfil all standards up to separation of carcinogenic substances.

Mobile abrasive suction units

With the MAL-SMS-Compact 70/ EVO IV abrasive suction unit by manual handling of the suction hose by the operator, the used abrasive including contamination is sucked back to feed the abrasive separation.
The machine casing is built from reinforced steel profiles. The frame built from profile tubes is executed as transport skid with extendable legs on which the machine is placed for operation. The unit can be loaded on to the transport facility by either forklift or crane. The respective lifting facilities are incorporated in the design.
The noise attenuated engine room is integral part of the sturdy steel construction. The total construction incorporates the suction unit, the motors, the dust collection system and the electric.

Special mobile units

The custom designed unit is manufactured

  • to suck back used abrasive including impurities
  • separate and clean the used abrasive and automatically feed it back into the abrasive cycle
  • dedusting of the whole system following to the legal health and safety standards