About us

As one of the few “one-stop suppliers” in Europe we offer sandblasting, -paintspray and ventilation technology as well as manufacturing of sandblasting equipment. As a family business in the 5th generation, we are able to offer an innovative portfolio of engineering solutions based on decades of expertise in blasting and surface technology.

Test center

You want to play safe? Let us support you. As our customer, you have the possibility to check our solutions in our in house test center with trial-blast-operations through its paces. Thus we offer maximum security – and for us the certainty, for an “end to end” satisfaction.


M.A.L. Mechatronik incorporates highest quality made in Austria with a decade-long expertise following the principle of “everything from a single source”. Flexibility, minimum reaction time paired with maximum adherence to schedules makes us to a preferential partner for well-known customers in the field of apparatus and tank construction, steel and stainless steel construction, automotive manufacturing, shipbuilding industry as well as concrete and facade refurbishment.