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Various stationary filter systems

Dust created during blasting-, grinding-, cutting operation etc. is sucked into the filtration unit via a radial fan.

The dust containing crude gas is evenly spread onto the filter cartridges in the filter housing and flows towards the outside of the cartridges.

The clean gas can flow through the filter cartridges, whereas the dust particles in the crude gas cannot penetrate and adhere to the outside of the cartridges. After passing through additional H13 filter cartridges the cleaned air is discharged into the open.

Compressed air pulses continuously dedust the impurities and fall via collection hoppers into the dust container.

The filter unit is suitable for cleaning dry dust contaminated air.


In general everywhere, where dust created by blasting, grinding, cutting etc. arises. The mobility of these units stand for less cost when setting up the site.

Main applications are power plant rehabilitation works, steel construction, structural engineering, bridges, penstocks, storage tanks and as supplement to our mobile abrasive suction and recycling systems.